The Burglar's Turn


Side A

You cannot include attachments in your deck.

Setup: Choose 14 different Item or Artifact attachments from your collection and shuffle them together. This is your loot deck. Flip this card over and place your loot deck facedown under it.

Side B

The active location gets +1 quest point for each attachment attached to it.

Forced: After you travel to a location, attach the top card of your loot deck faceup to that location as a guarded objective. If that attachment has the guarded X keyword, ignore it.

Forced: When the active location is explored, you may put each guarded attachment on that location into play at no cost, or add it to your hand.

"And I assure you there is a mark on this door - the usual one in the trade, or used to be. Burglar wants a good job, plenty of Excitement and reasonably Reward, that"s how it is usually read.
-Glóin, The Hobbit
Greg Bobrowski

Wrath and Ruin #24. Neutral.

The Burglar's Turn

This is one of the best contracts in terms of fun. Even solo playing one deck. Sure, you generally get 3-4 attachments per game in play, but you can actually play all those cool guarded attachments that came in the Ered Mithrin cycle. I'm currently playing a spirit-tactics deck with Arwen, Cirdan, Grimbeorn, and I can focus on allies with strong willpower, Beorning allies for combat, and events to lower threat, cancel treacheries and shadow effects. I don't have to think about the attachments - how to draw them and how to play them. It's very straightforward to play it and I'm having a ton of fun.

Rimogard 282
Haldan+Burglar's turn=Wow — Truck 1389

A fun contract that makes for a fun multiplayer support deck. The restrictions are real though, and for all intents and purposes they lock you out of some heroes (spirit Glorfindel is probably a hard pass without access to Light of Valinor). Not great for solo, as you will go many turns without having locations come out of the encounter deck.

With that aside, here’s an example of what you can do: turn 1 travel to a location and get Glamdring on it. Then, immediately exhaust a spirit character and play Strength of Will to plink 2 progress on it, or a dwarf and 2 to 4 progress with Ancestral Knowledge— in some cases you’ll be able to clear a location immediately on turn 1 before combat despite the added quest points coming from the contract’s effect, and attach that Glamdring before the combat phase. In that case, you can understand your event like Strength of Will to read “add 2 progress to a location and permanently add 2 attack and a card draw ability to a hero for the rest of the game.” (This was my actual turn 1 in a recent 3 player game) Nice way to breathe life into old cards.

The loot deck is not so reliable, having 14 different cards in it (no multiple copies allowed). Rare indeed will be the game when you see all of those loot cards, even with serious shenanigans. If the card pool continues to add strong Guarded attachments, this contract could become very very strong. At the time of this review, the current cycle is set to be the last, and the future of the game is not yet clear, so the card pool advancing enough to really empower this contract seems unlikely. Instead, we have a fun multiplayer contract capable of power but not guaranteeing it.

So i had an idea, what if you could use two contracts together and if you could which ones would work well together? So first i am going to examine using the first two contracts together, Fellowship and The Burglar's Turn. First of all these two are compatible unlike some other contracts. Second there are some benefits such as being able to use all of your cards for allies or mustering events such as A Very Good Tale. Third there are some problems such as no attachment for heros or mustering attachments such as Elf-stone If you have any other thoughts please comment.

jvader 135

Disclaimer: I don't actually own The Burglar's Turn. This review is purely theoretical.

Theoretical loot deck: -Banner of Elendil -Sting from The Road Darkens -Glamdring from TRD -Anduril from TRD -Mithril Shirt from TRD -Leaf-wrapped Lembas -Lorien Rope -Three Golden Hairs -Phial of Galadriel -5 other attachments of your choice

Technically, due to the wording of The Burglar's Turn, these are all eligible targets. They're Item or Artifact attachments from your collection. Sadly, the attachment requirement disqualifies my idea of also including the Loot from Ruins of Belegost in your loot deck. Sigh.

Caleb has unofficialy confirmed that the boons/fellowship/saga attachments are not intended to be able to be played through this contract. — Alonewolf87 1888