Rhovanion Outrider

Ally. Cost: 3. 1   2   1   2  

Dale. Scout.

Response: After Rhovanion Outrider commits to the quest, place 1 progress on a location in the staging area. If that location is not explored by this effect, give Rhovanion Outrider +1 until the end of the phase.

Beth Sobel

Temple of the Deceived #62. Spirit.

Rhovanion Outrider

A great alternative to Northern Tracker, I might even say slightly better in solo/2 player games. In a solo game, you'll have about 2 locations on average in the staging area (any more and you're in a lot of trouble). So the Outrider starts to give you a return of 3 willpower equivalent per turn, while Northern Tracker does about the same but a turn later. Another advantage over his dunedain counterpart is you will get rid of a location in the staging area a turn earlier. Combos well with Scouting Party.

With the Wilds of Rhovanion just around the corner, th Dale trait will likely see some love, making this guy even better.