A Watchful Peace

Event. Cost: 1.
This card was errata'd

Response: After a location worth no victory points leaves play as an explored location, return it to the top of the encounter deck.

Titus Lunter

Heirs of Númenor #12. Spirit.

A Watchful Peace

I put this card in when there is a specific location I know of that I might want to visit again and again. In the core set, Old Forest Road and Forest Gate could be nice to visit again. hallofbeorn.com and hallofbeorn.com . Very helpful with Forest Grove in A Journey to Rhosgobel. hallofbeorn.com Also useful for other helpful locations such as Oak-wood Grove in CatC. Journeying again to Woodman's Glade could also be helpful: hallofbeorn.com


k_rock 18
The problem is that unless you explore the location via some sort of special effect like Asfaloth, the location just gets shadowed out most of the time. It seems like it really defeats the point of this card, which is too bad. — dubcity566 30