Good Meal

Attachment. Cost: 0.

Attach to a Hobbit hero.

Action: Discard Good Meal to lower the cost of the next event you play this round that matches attached hero's sphere by 2.

David A. Nash

The Redhorn Gate #10. Neutral.

Good Meal

Sometimes we all just want to sit down and have a Good Meal. Others just want a full three copies in their decks. In all honesty Good Meal deserves those three spots. A one-off two resources in neutral is pretty good, as long as you can work around the trait restriction. My favorite use is in a Hobbit Pipe deck where you use this to pay for Galadthrim's Greetings and Smoke Rings. I think any deck with a Hobbit hero should have a couple copies of this card.

My only issue with this card is that I find when I build a Hobbit deck, the majority of my events cost less than 2, so I somehow feel I'm not getting the full benefit of this card. However, it's true a Hobbit deck tends to be tri-sphere, so any resource smoothing is appreciated. Thematically I think it's wonderful. — Quetzal513 77