Good Meal

Attachment. Cost: 0.

Attach to a Hobbit hero.

Action: Discard Good Meal to lower the cost of the next event you play this round that matches attached hero's sphere by 2.

David A. Nash

The Redhorn Gate #10. Neutral.

Good Meal

Sometimes we all just want to sit down and have a Good Meal. Others just want a full three copies in their decks. In all honesty Good Meal deserves those three spots. A one-off two resources in neutral is pretty good, as long as you can work around the trait restriction. My favorite use is in a Hobbit Pipe deck where you use this to pay for Galadthrim's Greetings and Smoke Rings. I think any deck with a Hobbit hero should have a couple copies of this card.

My only issue with this card is that I find when I build a Hobbit deck, the majority of my events cost less than 2, so I somehow feel I'm not getting the full benefit of this card. However, it's true a Hobbit deck tends to be tri-sphere, so any resource smoothing is appreciated. Thematically I think it's wonderful. — Quetzal513 87

Recently I have found a sweet use for this card in my Aragorn / Arwen Undómiel / Frodo Baggins deck - Good Meal synergizes perfectly with Stand and Fight. Consider this: if you lack resources, you can play Good Meal on Frodo Baggins, discard it, then discard e.g. Gildor Inglorion with Arwen's ability to add a resource to her pool and then play Stand and Fight to put Gildor into play for 3 resources. And in a perfect scenario it can be done on turn one. In fact, in this situation you could play any 5-cost ally (belonging to a sphere of influence) on turn one this way, even if you don't normally have access to its sphere.

warlock000 3184
Pretty sure you can't reduce the cost of Stand and Fight using Good Meal. — Marctimmins89 103
Why? The cost to play the card ("X") depends on the ally you want to put into play. You just reduce the X by two. I see no reason why I couldn't use Good Meal in this way. — warlock000 3184
You can indeed use Good Meal to discount X cost events, I will quote here the relevant bit about this from the Rules Reference: For costs involving the letter X, the value of X is defined by card ability or player choice, after which the amount paid may be modified by effects without altering the functional value of X. — Alonewolf87 1888