Blade of Gondolin

Attachment. Cost: 1.

Item. Weapon.

Attach to a hero. Restricted.

Attached hero gets +1 when attacking an Orc.

Response: After attached hero attacks and destroys an enemy, place 1 progress token on the current quest.

It was rather splendid to be wearing a blade made in Gondolin for the goblin-wars of which so many songs had sung...
The Hobbit
David Lecossu

Core Set #39. Tactics.

Blade of Gondolin

Solid weapon for tactics, which I usually play whenever are any Orcs in the encounter deck. The +1 is conditional, but the response action works better then you think, if you don't forget about it. Basically must have for Legolas, good for anyone other. The artwork could be better, but still good. Verdict: 4/5.

matrosh 530

Blade of Gondolin is a favorite of mine. It's attack boost is situational, but for one cost it shouldn't matter much. It is restricted, but that is a minimal downside, considering that using it opens up use of sterner than steel and Foe-Hammer. The main reason to use this , however, is the Blade's response. Keep in mind that since it is in fact a response, not a forced effect, you could choose not to trigger it if you want to stall. Good card!