Ancient Mathom

Attachment. Cost: 1.


Attach to a location.

Response: After attached location is explored, the first player draws 3 cards.

The Mathom-house it was called; for anything that Hobbits had no immediate use for, but were unwilling to throw away, they called a mathom. Their dwellings were apt to become rather crowded with mathoms... The Fellowship of the Ring
Anna Mohrbacher

A Journey to Rhosgobel #56. Spirit.

Ancient Mathom

Ancient Mathom is an old, but good staple. It's one of 's only ways of card draw. The only drawback is the fact that you must explore a location first, and a non-immune one at that. But, in the sphere that is the best at location control, the restriction shouldn't be noticed, and one resource for three cards is great.

One resource and a card for three cards, it is. — chessplayer 20

Another key benefit and drawback of this card of course is the fact that only the first player draws. With strong location control you can dictate just who the first player is at the time, allowing you to support a deck that might not have brought it's own draw. Unfortunately if the location is the active location you can't always be perfectly sure just how much progress you will place.

But it doesn't have to be the active location, so this card paired with things like Northern Tracker or Asfaloth gets very interesting, giving you more control and really giving you a boost by directly lowering staging area threat AND drawing you cards.

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