Dwarrowdelf Axe

Attachment. Cost: 1.

Item. Weapon.


Attach to a Dwarf character.

Attached character gets +1

Response: After attached character attacks, deal 1 damage to the defending enemy.

"We make good armour and keen swords, but we cannot again make mail or blade to match those that were made before the dragon came." Gloin, The Fellowship of the Ring
Carolina Eade

Khazad-dûm #7. Tactics.

Dwarrowdelf Axe

Dwarrowdelf Axe is one of my favorite weapons in the game. Despite the fact that it can only attach to a dwarf and is restricted, it does have a range of versatility in that dwarf allies are eligible for the axe. You can't pass up it's efficiency of one cost for what is effectively two attack. A must for any dwarf deck with Tactics.

As the other comment suggests, it's easy to overlook that it's Dwarf *characters*, meaning Dwarven heroes OR allies can use it. — ggl3dde 1