Hit 'Em With The Hein

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Attack on Dol Guldur - 4P
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Denison 236


1/4 of a fellowship for the Attack on Dol Guldur. Paired with a Noldor, Silvan, and Spirit-questing deck.


Questing - Heroes always quest for 11. There should be enough quest support in the other decks to make sure Hirgon's ability is triggered each round. Other deck has some readying attachments to get some more use out of the heroes.

Multiplayer - Lots of weaponry to spread around the board. Plenty of ranged and sentinel characters to help as well. Celeborn and Hirgon combo nicely to boost the Silvan allies. Looking forward to seeing Marksman of Lorien take out an enemy with 3 defense and 4 hit points single-handedly - without a weapon.

Opening Hand

Mulligan for Legolas, but Bofur will do. The deck can stall late-game without the card draw.