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BeestThouNotInHaste has updated this deck: Feed Me More Damage

This is my second attempt at a doomed deck, but this time, I'm using Tactics instead of Leadership, as the ability to handle enemies early is more important for a doomed deck than having a lot of resources.

The main focus of this deck is putting damage on Gimli, as he is my tankiest Tactics hero. A problem with this game is the only way to get reliable defenders is by buying the Steward's Fear or Heirs of Numenor, as enemies hit too hard to justify having 2-3 Armor defenders. I intend to circumvent that weakness of low Armor values by using healing and HP boosting.


Resource Acceleration + Card Draw

  • Use Grima to make 3 cost cards cost 2.
  • Slap Keys of Orthanc on whichever hero would benefit most: Gimli if you have Citadel Plate in hand, Eowyn if you have multiple Spirit cards, or default to Grima.
  • Use Gleowine and Deep Knowledge to draw cards. Since this deck reaches its maximum potential pretty fast, extra cards don't mean that much one you hit Citadel Plate and a couple healing cards.


  • Always quest with Eowyn, Greyflood Wanderer, and Isengard Messengers.
  • Quest with Grima if you have no questing allies in play.
  • Always travel: this deck has no location control: location lock means death.


  • Defend with Gimli until you get Treebeard in play, then the two of them can take turns being attacked.
  • Get Citadel Plate and Dark Knowledge on Gimli to take tons of defenderless attacks (Protip: don't get greedy with damage, always heal Gimli at the end of the round)


  • Ents. Just ents.
  • Gimli (if he's ready)

Closing thoughts

  • Throw in Forest Snare and Protector of Lorien for quests with really big enemies.
  • Use Power of Of Orthanc in quests with nasty conditions.
  • Don't bother using this deck if you have Beregond or Gondorian Shield: they're a lot better than this.