Legolas, final count: 42 (answer to life, the universe and e

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The complete name of the Fellowship should be: Legolas, final count: 42 (also, the answer to life the universe and everything)

This fellowship was originaly built with the idea to play with 3 "pairs" of heroes with sinergy among them, originally it was build with Elladan and Elrohir instead of Elfhelm and bard, but... switching the brothers by Elfhelm and Bard make the two decks really better.

If you manage to attach Dwarven shield, A Day rising and heir of mardil to Gimli, it simply gets a resource and readies after defending the first attack every round, whether it receives damage or not, if you add here an armoured destrier, you are defending up to three attacks with defense 4.

Bard with a Rohan Warhorse is a killing-machine: attacking by 4, applying a -2 to deffense if the attack is ranged, and readying if it kills an enemy. If not... Legolas is here to help with 3 more attack. Also, Glorfindel and Treebeard are here, to help you killing even more enemies in the same round (Both allies can attack, ready and attack again in the combat phase).

The decks are very fun to play, and they are very capable of handling combat. With them, we beat the Siege of Helm's Deep without many troubles, and some other quests which are not exactly easy. On the beggining of the game they are a little weak at questing, but once Aragorn gets his sword... this is solved.


Aug 22, 2017 Wandalf the Gizzard 629

Uh... Did you miss a few decks?