The Massing at Osgiliath - Progression Series #10


A pair of decks intended to be played against The Massing at Osgiliath, for use in the Lord of the Rings: the Card Game Progression Series.

The difficulty of this scenario depends entirely upon the board state that the players are left with after the first full round. Each player should mulligan for at least one Ally that they can put immediately into play. If the Quest Deck draws Sneak Attack and Gandalf in the opening hand, this should be played prior to Staging (to destroy a copy of Wainriders), lest the untimely reveal of Cut Off prevent the players from using this powerful combo (note that Quest Card 2B also prevents the players from using these cards together).

Aragorn and Prince Imrahil are free to commit to the quest, and all copies of Snaga Scouts should engage with the Quest Deck. Each player should optionally engage one copy of Wolves from Mordor. The attacks from the Snaga Scouts should be declared as undefended (with Frodo Baggins serving as disaster insurance), because shadow effects are generally inoffensive (and both decks contain Hasty Stroke). Attacks by Wolves from Mordor should destroy Allies, which will result in these enemies being shuffled into the encounter deck. Allies leaving play will ready Prince Imrahil, and each Leadership hero can destroy a copy of Snaga Scouts.

Both decks should play a steady stream of Allies (Stand and Fight is useful against Cut Off), with Steward of Gondor and Song of Travel being attached to Gimli as quickly as possible. Horn of Gondor and Celebrian's Stone are best played on Aragorn. Manage threat with Gandalf and The Galadhrim's Greeting, and finish the scenario with Rear Guard to quest to completion, and/or For Gondor! to help overcome The Witch-king. If possible, keep a copy of The Riddermark's Finest ready during the Quest Phase so as to remove a potentially 4 Threat location from play. Be wary of Wolves from Mordor (as a shadow card) killing defenders. Good luck!