4 Player Thematic Dwarves [Single Core]

Seastan 12892


These are 4 player decks designed with a single core set. Dain is the key here, as he provides a global attack and willpower boost. For defense, try to get Ring Mails on Dori, Bombur, and Balin so that each player (apart from Spirit) has a decent defender they can use. Burning Brand goes on Bombur and possibly Bifur.

If you have multiple Core Sets, adding in more Unexpected Courage would be helpful. Who it goes on depends on the quest. Bombur with Brand, Dori, Gimli, and Dain are all good targets.

The leadership deck is the main support deck. The contributions of Dain, Legacy of Durin, and Strength of Arms are incredible, and recycling the events with Tome of Atanatar makes this whole setup feel almost broken.

Not much has changed for Dwarves in the last couple cycles, so although this is an older build, it's still pretty close to being up-to-date. But some recent cards I might consider adding are Armored Destrier for Dain, and Erebor Guard and Ered Luin Miner for the Spirit deck.