VIP outland

死锁 57


This is the fellowship we use to against the Epic Multiplayer mod of The Siege of Annúminas.We are in quest C and D.This fellowship has done well and help other quest a lot.

I finished the suicide deck(byebye burden)several month ago.This deck's target is gifting your partner many cards and resources,and some powerful ally at the first turn.Then eliminating myself by raise threat to reduce the encounter card.This deck is exciting when you finish your goal by plenty of action as a one turn kill,but also boring because you will be a spectator of the rest of game.What's more,many deck do not perform well when when they have a such VIP start.

But Outland is different, although Outland is boring Outland is slow,it's no doult that if you give Outland deck 12 resources and 19 cards as start no one can stop it.That's why I choose the suicide deck when my partner choose outland.

We make a small change of Outland to fit the suicide deck.We add Follow Me! to the deck and move Campfire Tales out,because we need the suicide deck plan first but the outland is the first player.