Dwarven Fellowship of Unparalleled Super Success (D-FUSS)

Mbweha 55


Do you have three friends? Do they like to murder orcs and drink ale? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then this fellowship is for you. Designed to be extremely cohesive, this fellowship turns just about any quest to easy mode. The only real difficulty is deciding who will play what deck.

Your friend that likes to sit back and make the big plays? Give 'em the Dwarven Leader deck. The girl who just wants to murder everything? Dwarven Combat was made for her. Your buddy who just wants a table full of more allies? Dwarven Loremaster. Somebody wants a little bit of everything? Dwarven balance was made with them in mind.

To make these decks, you'll need three Core Sets and one of just about everything else. If you have more than three Core Sets, then put more Unexpected Courage in, because it is obviously the best card in the game.