Cioce Saga Attempt


4 (theoretically) conservative-ramp decks that include few uniques (besides Gandalfs). All decks should be capable of engaging (or avoiding engagement of) enemies, standing on their own, or leaning on each other while they find their legs. Lots of Unexpected Courages, Test of Wills, and Gandalfs because they are reliable and easy to understand. 3 decks contain Outlands allies, which can all be played on the same board for serious ramp.

Arwen Hama Mablung: Use Hama to recycle Feints and other cheap Tactics events. Elven Lights make a good target for Hama's discard, using Arwen's resource to recycle them. Mablung gives resource acceleration.

Aragorn Dain Galadriel: Lore Aragorn/Desperate Alliance combo to keep the Fellowship from threating out in the late game. Otherwise and pretty general Dwarf Swarm deck. Look for Legacy of Durin or King Under The Mountain early.

Spirit Beregond Damrod Elrond: Elrond is there for the healing buffs, and to put Outlands allies into play. Damrod is there to set traps and get card draw. Beregond is there for early defense.

Bard T-Eowyn L-Pippin: Optional 4th-player Bard Deck. Designed to keep threat low and shoot Big Bads in the staging area before they can engage. Mulligan for Great Yew Bow, otherwise play Masters until it comes out.