Road to Rivendell - Progression Series #15


A pair of decks intended to be played against Road to Rivendell, for use in the Lord of the Rings: The Card Game Progression Series.

For this scenario, each deck begins the game at well below 34 threat – with luck, the formidable Ambush enemy Wild Bear will be revealed and remain sitting in the staging area, contributing no threat strength against the players. Be stingy with attachments, as a copy of Orc Raiders that Ambushes the first player will remove them – thus, only play Ancient Mathom, etc until you’re ready to resolve it, and be cognizant of which player is at risk of being engaged with which possible enemies during the staging step of every quest phase. Each deck runs A Test of Will and Hasty Stroke to counter the game-ending Sleeping Sentry, and be certain to remove Crebain from the staging area at all costs – the greatest chance for the players to lose the game comes from a successfully resolved treachery card, so be careful!

Bifur is the best recipient for Song of Travel (from either deck), and play Steward of Gondor where it seems appropriate (probably on Dwalin, and definitely not on Dain Ironfoot). Generally speaking, save copies of Untroubled by Darkness to complete the final quest phase, and anticipate underwhelming shadow cards that usually do no more than return enemies to the staging area. This scenario isn’t especially difficult, and Thalin with Gondorian Spearman will eliminate many enemies prior to their posing a problem. Play conservatively, and deliver Arwen Undomiel safely to Rivendell.

Good luck!