The Long Dark - Progression Series #17


A pair of decks intended to be played against The Long Dark, for use in the Lord of the Rings: The Card Game Progression Series.

This scenario features a large number of Locations, and thus, each player's deck is built around getting as many 2+ willpower allies into play as possible. Reserve Legacy of Durin for the player who has put the fewest Dwarves into play by the time that you draw it, and attach Steward of Gondor to Eleanor as quickly as possible. Generally speaking, the most significant threats in this quest are treacheries (specifically, Foul Air), so use Eleanor and/or A Test of Will to ensure these never resolve. Remove encounter cards with Lost effects from play as soon as you can, and use Untroubled by Darkness to either finish the scenario, or push past the first quest phase (so that each Location no longer gains +1 threat strength). Once Beravor manages to find a copy of Steward of Gondor (which should be played on Eleanor, with Song of Wisdom), ensure that the first player always has cards in hand to try to pass Locate tests. Horn of Gondor is best used on Dwalin.

Because of Goblin Follower, the Quest Deck should begin the game as the first player.

Fresh Tracks and/or Gondorian Spearman can destroy enemies easily in conjunction with Thalin, and both decks include Ever My Heart rises to let Dwalin and Gimli quest frequently. Unexpected Courage should probably be played on Beravor before other characters, as she should be drawing the players as many cards as possible (note that only 14/60 encounter cards have PASS printed on them). Some shadow effects in this scenario are worth cancelling (e.g., +2 attack strength to enemies), but between Feint and Quick Strike, Hasty Stroke may not be necessary. Try to always keep spare Spirit resources for Treachery cancellation! Use Eleanor and Cave Torch liberally, and I would advise against ever traveling to Twisting Passage.

Good luck!