Fading years in Hither Lands

Olorin+1 180


And here in Rivendell there live still some of his chief foes: the Elven-wise, lords of the Eldar from beyond the furthest seas. They do not fear the Ringwraiths, for those who have dwelt in the Blessed Realm live at oncein both worlds, and against both the Seen and the Unseen they have great power.

Thematic/Tribal Noldor decks (plus Hama).

Double El: equip brothers and Hama and do most of the combat with them, recycle evens with Hama and Foe-hammer for card draw. Use Erestor to fuel discard mechanics of Noldor.

Those were the Fading Years, and in them the last lowering of the Elves east of the Sea came to its winter. In that time the Noldor walked still in the Hither Lands, mightiest and fairest of the children of the world, and their tongues were still heard by mortal ears.