Secrecy: Spirit / Leadership + All sphere but leadership

Rouxxor 879


A fellowship based on some of the secrecy mechanics. We have:

Tom Cotton / Pippin / Glorfindel II : the deck who want to take an enemy each turn. He can block very well with the many attachment on Tom can it is easy to attack with Glorfindel, the many allies (knight of the swan and ithilien lookout) and the hobbit who just came into play this turn;

Sam Gamegie / Galadriel / Merry : the support & quest deck. He can bring a lot of allies very quickly with timely aid and a very good tale and make sure that quest would not be a problem. It is even more important with secrecy since you choose to let some enemies in the staging area.

We rely a lot of the Hobbit pipe mechanic. It is an amazing draw engine so we play only card that cost 0, 1 or 2. With raise the shire we can search Bilbo, attack at 2 and recast i next turn and bring back a second pipe.

I deliberetly choose not to put steward of Gondor in the leadership deck. He always want to use his single leadership resource and the resourceful alternative who give resources to everybody is, in fact, better in this compositionA