Lonely guardians (Dunedain two-player decks)

Olorin+1 193


Thematical/Tribal Dunedain Two-player decks.

"Few now remember them... yet still some go wandering, sons of forgotten kings walking in loneliness, guarding from evil things folk that are heedless."

Le/Ta deck engages all enemies. I found it quiet easy to keep engaged with 1 or 2 enemies and the benefits woth it (Heroes and Heir). Dunedain Hunter i sexcellent for small enemies with surge. You dont have to worry about threat (Aragorn + Alliance) and you can use doomed cards and HoEarendil for full potencial. I usually start with Rally the west. Halfling Bounders cancelation is excellent. Overall powefull and thematic decks.

Wide wonder came into Eomer’s eyes. ‘Strider is too poor a name, son of Arathorn,’ he said. ‘Wingfoot I name you. This deed of the three friends should be sung in many a hall. Forty leagues and five you have measured ere the fourth day is ended! Hardy is the race of Elendil!’