Sellswords & Miners

Denison 444


In an alternate universe the gang from The Hobbit gets back together for more wacky mountain adventures. My goal was to fashion two dwarf decks that could make it through the Nightmare versions of the second cycle quests. The key addition to the familiar dwarf heroes is Gandalf who helps the mining mechanics work smoothly.

The only quest in that cycle this fellowship is unproven against is Road to Rivendell. That quest can reliably engage several enemies and overwhelm the heroes before they get set up. It also takes the fellowship out of the mountain/underground area where those traited player cards become useless or less effective. Any suggestions are welcome!

The primary goal of the Leadership/Lore team is build an army of dwarf allies. The critical early goal is getting two allies by the end of round two to activate Ori and Thorin’s abilities. Once the team is drawing two cards and generating 4 resources each turn they can typically pay for two allies each round with a little event help. The best case scenario is Fili and A Good Harvest in the opening.

The primary goal of the Tactics/Spirit team is to spread attachments around the board. Well-equipped is the key card to look for in the opening hand. Wizard Pipe is also key to setting up the top of the deck for successful mining shenanigans.

The first Expert Treasure-Hunter goes on Nori and the second goes on Ori to help both teams with card draw. To Me! O my kinsfolk! can be helpful bringing back Sellswords or Orc Slayers. We Are Not Idle is is still useful when one or two resources are needed to get the requisite five dwarfs in play. Lure of Moria just isn’t worth taking up 3 card slots any longer post-WANI errata.

Team Gandalf planning stages usually take longer than the rest of the round, but with patience comes big rewards.

It’s also noteworthy that the Nori/Gandalf/Gimli lineup is the first in ringsdb.


Mar 15, 2018 Wandalf the Gizzard 1075

Sadly, bouncing Bofur won't trigger Nori's ability since he is put into play, not played from your hand.

Mar 15, 2018 Denison 444

Good catch. I will definitely be playing Shadow and Flame over again!