Signals and Songs

Denison 293


This fellowship seeks the recur ally Gandalf every round.

The problem with using Reinforcements repeatedly is having a mono-Leadership deck that can reliably draw into the combo cards (Second Breakfast and Tome of Atanator, for instance) to keep the wizard around.

The companion deck seeks to cover that weakness by featuring three heroes that can all contribute card draw to the Leadership team.

The purple deck can draw into 11 cards on turn 1, making even Erestor blush. Gleowine, Heed the Dream, and Deep Knowledge are there to help dig even further.

These decks were tested on Escape from Umbar due to the two engaged enemies in set up just to see if they could eke out a win. I managed to play Gandalf at least once every round and came up victorious.

It was also a fun challenge to use signals and songs to fuel secondary strategies of combat and quest boosting.

I’m curious to hear from the community what other scenarios these decks would do well with and what other decks the draw team could help support.


Mar 26, 2018 Cuherdir 1

I absolutely love the concept and even more, that it seems to work well while using such a creative combo! Well done :D

Mar 28, 2018 eldub 273

I’m just completely aghast that Reinforcements isn’t a card that’s used more often — variety of reasons, if I’m being honest but still an ultra powerful effect. I love this idea, and I wanna sleeve it up ASAP haha