Khazad-Dum Campaign, The Seventh Level


This was the second installment in me and my wife's Khazad-Dum campaign using only the cards available at that time. I made only one change to the Player 2 deck: Gondorian Spearmen. I realized how useful they were w/ Thalin during the last campaign. Unfortunately I did not draw one until the end of the game. Other than that, the decks were the same.

Again, we defeated this campaign on the first run-through with complete ease, due more to luck than anything. One of the trolls was disposed of as a shadow card, and the nastiest treacheries were also almost all disposed of as shadow cards. Legolas w/ Unexpected Courage & a Rohan Archer made quick work of the many orcs.

Next up (sometime this afternoon): Flight from Moria.


Apr 30, 2018 pd187540 8

@mroctoberok, well where's the Gondorian Spearmen? I don't see them listed in the deck. Who do you take out to bring them in?