Scouting Powerhouse


You can read the descriptions in the individual decks to get more of an idea about how to pilot each of them specifically, but I'll explain briefly how they work together here.

These decks started with the idea of making a powerful burst questing deck around the cards Lay of Nimrodel, Astonishing Speed, and Scouting Party, all in one deck. Knowing I'd need a partner deck that could handle combat- particularly blocking- for it, I went back to my old faithful combination of Beregond and Haldir, who are just incredible Heroes in multiplayer. This set out some pretty specific roles for each part of the game, and you'd do well to try to stick to them.

Questing- Idraen, Elfhelm, Legolas, Thurindir can all go. You may want to send Haldir turn one, or once you have Wingfoot on him.

Blocking- This is all Beregond, all the time. "Patrolling Scouts" should use their optional engage nearly every turn, giving Beregond something to block and making questing easier. Getting readying on Beregond should be a priority (at least 3 for most encounter decks), and getting a little bit of healing out to handle the worst of the effects. In a pinch, Elfhelm can block for 3, or you can use a chump blocker from among your allies.

Attacking- Ideally, "Scout's Protectors" doesn't need to engage, and therefore Haldir's ability is online. Most turns, this should let you take out an enemy in one attack, before it attacks. You can also simply use his Ranged keyword to pool his attack with Idraen, Legolas, and Elfhelm, and Riders of Rohan, who are all often ready following the quest phase.

I've really been liking these decks. Hope you enjoy!


Mar 31, 2018 DazeMan 510

I like both of your decks here, I can see you have put a lot of time in how the two decks work in tandem with one another.