The Power of Gondor



Gondor is one of the undervalued swarm decks and archetypes. Why play it when dWarves or outlands are better? In my opinion gondor is better for play experience, deckbuilding, and enjoyment. Unlike dwarves each ally has a direct purpose rather than just there for the stat boost. For example envoy is there for resource fixing and gets better for that with imrahil's ability. Unlike outlands, you dont need every card or ally in your deck to have a powerful board. Boromir and visionary leadershipc cover that. The trait also is a bit more flexable with non gondor allies/heroes hence arwen and aragorn. So just enjoy it


--Heed the dream is there for the might deck to get steward or visionary

--Minis tirith lampright is there because of surge trains in recent quests but can be swapped for other cards in sideboard

--Gandalf is here as a powerful ally and with aragorn out can stick arround. I know the other deck has gandalf but that one was chosen for sneak attack to get some cards early on

--Arwen is here to ramp aragorn and provide card draw with elven light. She also has a good will and offers access to a test of will


Apr 30, 2018 Denison 293

Great pairing and I like the card choices. Eleanor and Lore Faramir would also fit well with your Gondor theme.

Apr 30, 2018 SamthemanGamgee 237

@Denison I'm glad you like it, I did consider those two heroes, but decided against it so I had the starting willpower And faramir ally available. Also aragorn was thematic and arwen is his wife so it worked