Assault on Dol Guldur


This is the fellowship I used to beat Attack on Dol Guldur two-handed in standard mode. I had three main goals in mind when building and playing these decks: to net the ten progress on stage one but still have enough combat power to take down the first two marauders, to consistently make five progress on stage three, and to keep threat, treacheries, and shadows under control.

Dain will be your main defender with Arwen/Signal, Burning Brand, and Song of Wisdom. Legolas can be a machine of death loaded out with all the offensive attachments. He is your main attacker and gets the first Unexpected Courage. He will be placing progress like crazy, so don't be afraid to let a couple points go to prevent forced effects. Boromir and the allies in the combat deck can help with combat on either side. You can give Boromir Arwen's boost once Dain gets loaded up with Shadow cancellation and Dunedain Signal. I thought about using Gimli instead of Boromir, so he's in the sideboard

The other deck will primarily quest and keep the team alive. There's plenty of cancellation/encounter control and threat control to go round and a splash of healing from the Wardens. If Glorfindel gets Light of Valinor he can use whatever weapons don't fit on Legolas. Between Dunedain Signal, Legolas, Arwen, Host of Lorien, and the tactics allies, there is enough cross-table combat that I'm not worried about an enemy engaging the questing deck.

It goes to show how OP Dain is that he's so powerful even without an army of dwarves. For more strategy, there is a discussion on FFG's forums here:


Jun 01, 2018 Psychorocka 378

Nice fellowship and nice job on your first attempt win! Finally got my hands on this quest the other day and had a blast playing it, definitely one of the best POD quests to date.

Jun 01, 2018 Wandalf the Gizzard 789