The (Second) Last Alliance of Men and Elves v 1.1


The first attempt me and my girlfriend have made at a 4 player mono-sphere fellowship.

It has brought us quite far in playing the expansions and cycles, even though the games can take quite the long time since we play strictly with the physical cards.

We only posses one copy of the Core Set unfortunately so we are limited to one/two copies of some cards.

She is extremely fond of attachments and her unwillingness to let go of some of them is the reason all the decks have more than 50 cards.

The main focus of the fellowship is creating a strong Gondor swarm to overcome the questing and combat issues, while keeping threat and treacheries at bay with Spirit help.

Can quite likely be polished a lot (even though lot of the choices made are also thematic ones so some stuff will probably not be changed) and any comment is welcome

EDIT: Made some small adjustments to the decklists since we just got a few new cards (Armored Destrier for Leadership, Raiment of War for Tactics and Entangling Nets for Lore in particular).