The Second (Last) Alliance of Men and Elves 1.2


Finally added Elven-light to the Spirit Deck, for the rest nothing changed from the previous two iterations.

We are diligently making our way through all the quests we have available, we have finished so far (almost always at the first try, only rarely needing a second run):

Core Set + Shadows of Mirkwood 5/6 packs (we do not posses The Hunt For Gollum)

Khazad-dum + Dwarrowdelf 6/6 packs

The Hobbit Saga (both boxes)

The Voice of Isengard

The Lost Realm + Angmar Awakened 6/6 packs

The Grey Havens

Now we are gonna face the Ring-Maker Cycle, and later we will move on to Heirs of Numenor and Against the Shadow