Three Hunters + Two Rings v2


The most up to date version of the decks I am currently using. View each deck for an indepth explanation of how they work as well as why each card is included.

Sword, Axe and Bow fulfills the combat role for both decks providing a ton of offensive output and strength along with plenty of Ranged characters and attachments that boost or as well as various reduction abilities targeted at foes. It also features several combat tricks or combos alongside strong unique combat capable allies that are easily played thanks to plenty of resource acceleration.

Rings of Power fulfills the questing and support roles for both decks by focusing on the undeniably potent power of Vilya alongside the Noldor Discard mechanic. The deck builds up an army of allies who generate a ton of while many of them are also combat handy in a pinch. Just like the combat deck, this deck also features a few ranged characters who can help the combat deck generate even more strength when need be. Plenty of support roles are also filled by this deck as it can also heal characters for either deck, provide card draw or threat reduction for either deck or even deck manipulation for either deck.

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