Progressive by Cycle - Heirs of Numenor & Against the Shadow

naner 47


I tried to build a thematic deck around Gondor and another around Rohan.

They were build specifically for the Heirs of Numenor cycle. Although this time not 100% of the cards are in accordance with the progressive style, I allowed some changes in order to preserve the thematic. Like the heroes. Except for it all the cards are from the previous expansions.

Play Log:

Peril in Pelargir

Dunhere died on the first turn on the Rohan deck side. This impacted it's performance a lot, but with Theoden ability to cast one Rohan Ally for 1 less resource, it kind of keeps going on. Later in the quest I got a terrible treachery (local trouble) that was attached to Theoden, almost making him useless. In the end Umbar Assassin, the most powerful foe, killed Theoden and the Rohan deck managed to end the quest with only Fastred Alive.

On the Gondor side, the deck was very powerful, with two Vassal of the Windlord on the first turn and another later in the quest. What really impacted it was a treachery that made me discard my hand, and also multiple treacheries that makes you discard accessories. Although the deck suffered from the adventure, it was still functioning as desired and Beregond saved the Rohan deck multiple times with the Sentinel ability.

The adventure was ok. Not too immersive, not too difficult. But you kind of sense it building tension for the next quests.

The mechanics with the Acessory Objective, was ok. But what really made this a challenge was the Collateral Damage treachery together with the Harbor Storehouse location. I lost 12 or more threat due to this combo, twice in the game. It was brutal. I was saved thanks to Map of Earnil and The Galadhrim's Greeting combo.

Rate: 7/10