Thematic "The Old Forest"

Tubarush 125


My attempt at a thematic run thru the Saga. This fellowship is for the extra quest, "The Old Forest."

The first deck is obviously the Hobbits. The second deck is the "support" deck --- Fatty at home, Dunedain watching over the land, Gandalf investigating.

There is some thematic "bleed" between the two decks. The "Hobbit" deck has some Dunedain and several other Hobbits who stayed home.

I got a tough win with this fellowship using a slightly different Support deck. I switched out 2 cards and then had a dominating win on the first try. I also earned "Old Bogey-Stories" by a wide margin. (And Tom Bombadil did not come into play in this win!!)

Boon from previous - "Mr. Underhill" Bane from previous - "Gandalf's Delay"