A sneaky hobbit , a sorceress and rangers flying under the r

Olander 93


Quest, play traps, give Faramir weapons. Lower threat with Merry and use song of Erändil on your rangers. You could use Folco in the trap deck for an additional rond to look for secrecy stuff, before you discard him. Also the spirt deck has quite a few attachments and could use a master the forge or two.

Handeling enermies:Faramir with great yew bow and a dagger. (Between the spikes in two decks he hits for 6+ easily). Rangers with bows for direct damage.

Defence: Faramir or chump-block low threath.

Action advantage: Faramir gains strider, Damrod wingfot, Unexpected courage goes on Galadriel and Faramir probably. Fast hitch is for Merry.

Threat: Galadriel, Merry, Song of Eländil to controll the other decks threat. The Galadriels greeting for the trap deck and Elronds councel for the spirit deck.

Locations: Elven steed, Rider of Rohvanion.

Conditions: put in the miner or power of Orthanc.

Questing: Mostly everyone if you have some action advantage plus traps.

Healing: Wardens

Card draw; Galadriel, Damrod, Master of the forge.

Resources: Receourcefull and Neclace

Mulligan for: A trap and Resorcefull for the trap deck.

Spirit deck: Questing power, Nenya and Song of Eländil.