For Gondor!

Event. Cost: 2.

Action: Until the end of the phase, all characters get +1 . All Gondor characters also get +1 until the end of the phase.

And the tree that was withered shall be renewed,
and he shall plant it in high places,
and the City shall be blessed.
The Return of the King
Margaret Hardy

Core Set #22. Leadership.

For Gondor!

For Gondor was the earliest Gondor synergy we got. Which is funny, because it's attack boost is much more powerful. Not to say the defence boost isn't, especially in a four player game, where you're paying two resources for fifteen some odd stats.

I think this card was really named wrongly. It could have been "Hooray!" "Fight for your liveees!" "For the glory of middle-eaaaarth!" or actually anything similar used in such situations beside "For Gondor!" It's quite good attack boost for all characters, but I usually don't put it in my deck, when i don't have enough Gondor traits and the middle of quest..fighting with strong enemy.....I realize I didn't need it. Too late. Ok, I suppose you can use the trait and even combo it with Stand Together quite well, but if you need so much , you're in big trouble. Artwork is nice. Verdict: 3/5.

matrosh 503