Dark Knowledge

Attachment. Cost: 1.


Attach to a hero. Attached hero gets -1

Response: Exhaust Dark Knowledge to look at 1 shadow card that was just dealt to an enemy attacking you.

'Go on then!' said Frodo. 'What do you know?'
'Too much; too many dark things,' said Strider grimly.
The Fellowship of the Ring
Empty Room Studios

Core Set #71. Lore.

Dark Knowledge

Dark Knowledge was an okay card until the Burning Brand was released. This one comes at -1, is only one use, and only looks at the card (instead of cancelling). Still though, It's playable if you don't have access to the Brand.

Así es, peo a diferencias — Supergami 1
Si, pero a diferencia de la Marca Ardiente esta se puede vincular a cualquier esfera, aunque si, da-1 de Voluntad. — Supergami 1
I does make #Gandalf's Staff a little more targeted though -- if you're willing to forego the extra resource the staff would have otherwise given you. Just throw it on a hero that wouldn't quest anyway! — Caedus 36
i don't understand how to effectively use this car. Can somebody explain it to me? I mean, if you can just look on shadow card, what makes the difference, you have to deal with the shadow card anyway, right. — matrosh 375
After looking you can decide whether to defend against the enemy (because he has some nasty shadow effect) or leave the attack undefended. — Losselaire 1