Westfold Horse-breaker

Ally. Cost: 2. 1   0   1   1  


Action: Discard Westfold Westfold Horse-breaker to choose and ready a hero.

"Your own valour has done more, and the stout legs of the Westfold-men marching through the night." Gandalf, The Two Towers
Magali Villeneuve

The Hunt for Gollum #6. Spirit.

Westfold Horse-breaker

Westfold Horse-Breaker is great card for several reasons. First of all the price is really good for what he can do. 1 and and 1 is good for 2 resources, if you want him to use as cheap chomp. However what makes him better is his rohan trait which makes him work well with Ride to Ruin. And his one time ready ability for heroes which can be triggered even after you send him for the quest. I use him a lot in deck mainly as good back up solution for unexpected situations, where you need hero to be ready. And when he is on the table I can use more heroes to go questing, knowing that in the worst case I still have backup solution. Great cheap card. Very nice artwork. Verdict: 5/5.

matrosh 538

I really like the Westfold Horse-breaker. It is overcosted and that defense strength is pointless, but that ability is awesome and game-saving. Think about a pumped up Gimli, Eowyn, or Treebeard. And it synergizes with the Rohan discard mechanics.