Parting Gifts

Event. Cost: 0.

Action: Move any number of resource tokens from a hero's resource pool to any other hero's resource pool.

Inside the hall there was piled a large assortment of packages and parcels and small articles of furniture. The Fellowship of the Ring
Cristi Balanescu

A Journey to Rhosgobel #52. Leadership.

Parting Gifts

Parting Gifts isn't very flashy, and neither is it's art, but it's the epitome of the glue card. Want a Northern Tracker out, but the player with the scrying deck saw a nasty treachery? The doomed acceleration deck can shunt you a resource. Your infinite resource loop ran out of cards? Give you're buddies some help. It's not much, but it can save a game. Give it a try in a four player game. Maybe your friends will let you play Glorfindel next game.