Ally. Cost: 5. 1   3   1   4  

Creature. Eagle.


Landroval cannot have restricted attachments.

Response: After a hero card is destroyed, return Landroval to his owner's hand to put that hero back into play, with 1 damage token on it. (Limit once per game.)

Allison Theus

A Journey to Rhosgobel #53. Tactics.


Landroval is awesome. Five resources is steep, but for three attack, I'm game. He's a willpower in tactics, and a sentinel defender, so he can do whatever that needs done. His ability is game-changing and such a relief when you have it to trigger. Compared to the other hero-necro effects, this is gold. Fortune or Fate won't give you three attack, and Houses of Healing exhausts characters just to make it affordable. As long as Caleb doesn't release a one HP hero, I'll keep playing big bird.

If my hero is exhausted when it dies, does it come into play ready again, or in the same state (minus attachments and with just 1 health) — frozen 172
@frozen It comes into play ready. — ellipticaltable 204
When comparing the three ways to bring back destroyed heroes, the main disadvantage of Landroval is that he can’t bring back heroes destroyed BEFORE he came into play. — Nystrum 40
His best use is for hero Beorn — NERD 808
Do any attachments that were on the Hero stay in play or are they discarded as part of the "Destroy Hero" process? — ArgentFlo 1
From p. 3 of the Rules Reference: "If the card to which an attachment is attached leaves play, simultaneously discard the attachment." Landroval just returns the Hero card to play. Any attachments stay in the discard pile. — kjeld 642
Also a contract? Like the grey warander? If you have only a hero Landroval can save you from the defeat? — serpico 264
@serpico: In this case Landroval should save you from defeat. It is a response and it says "After [...]", but it triggers immediately, leaving no "juristic second" there you are without a hero. — chessplayer 20
And the attachemnents ? — serpico 264
The attachments are gone, as only the hero is put "back into play". That would apply Gray Wanderer, as well. I assume that, by this reasoning, you cannot use Landroval to save an MotK hero, either, since it's not a hero any longer after its destroyed... but I'm not positive about that interpretation. — kjeld 642
i think u are right. — doomguard 2006
Ok thx!!! In my deck with Aragorn red I put 2 swordtain — serpico 264
I put 2 swordthain to have 1 emergency hero to share bad condition e 1 landroval to save my game sometimes like an assurance.. thx for help — serpico 264