Keen-eyed Took

Ally. Cost: 2. 1   0   0   2  


Response: After Keen-eyed Took enters play, reveal the top card of each player's deck.

Action: Return Keen-eyed Took to your hand to discard the top card of each player's deck.

Then something Tookish woke up inside him...
The Hobbit
Anna Mohrbacher

The Hills of Emyn Muil #73. Leadership.

Keen-eyed Took

I recently made a deck with cards that I have seldom ever used while playing the On the Doorstep expansion. Similar to @Wandalf the Gizzard, I remembered this as one of the worst cards from the early days. While I still don't think it's welcome in multiplayer (note, next challenge: craft 2-handed decks that feature this card), it was very effective paired with Prince Imrahil, Expert Treasure-hunter and Valiant Sacrifice. While I don't have a huge card pool to try some more innovative stuff, I definitely have to pause to consider these combos rather than just tossing Aragorn in a deck.

Keen eyed took is a very bad card. But better than first impressions. Think about it. He's basically Dunedain Quest, but has that fun response and can chump for you. I'm not at all saying it's good or anything, but it's not the worst card in the game. Something about him makes me want to go build a pre-errata horn of Gondor shenanigans deck.