Renewed Friendship

Event. Cost: 0.

Response: After another player plays an attachment on a hero you control, you may (choose 1): ready 1 of that player's heroes, have that player draw 1 card, or lower that player's threat by 2.

Sara Biddle

The Redhorn Gate #7. Spirit.

Renewed Friendship

Renewed Friendship is an interesting concept and one that I quite like. It really encourages cooperation between players (read: sharing Steward of Gondor) and synchronized decks. The effect is somewhat lackluster, however. The readying is somewhat useless, since you play attachments in the planning phase; when heroes are usually ready. The card or the threat reduction are certainly useful, but not to big of a deal. I think if the readying had been changed to resource gen. or the other two effects had been upscaled, Renewed Frienship would be a much better card. As is, I think it is still an okay card; especially in fellowships with attachments intended to be played cross-table.