Children of the Sea

Event. Cost: 0.

Action: Choose a Silvan or Noldor ally you control. That ally gets +2 until the end of the phase. At the end of the phase, shuffle that ally into its owner's deck if it is still in play.

"For deep in the hears of all my kindred lies the sea-longing, which it is perilous to stir"
Legolas, The Return of the King
Mark Winters

The Blood of Gondor #113. Spirit.

Children of the Sea

Children of the Sea is a card that I thing is highly underrated. I shall attempt to go over its merits. For one thing, it is free. This is huge! A +2 willpower boost for free? I don't believe this is an effect on any other card. Another hugely important thing is that it can work decently with Silvan. You can use this card, and at the end of the phase the ally is shuffled in to your deck. Then, if you have another ally out, you can play The Tree People and try to get the ally you shuffled back in out again. This is especially nice because it improves deck consistency. If you are running three copies of the ally you target with Children of the Sea, you will essentially add another copy to your deck at the end of the phase. It is important to note though that this does not only work with Silvan. A Noldor deck can benefit pretty heartily as well. Let's say you are running a Noldor deck with lots of card draw, and your deck is fairly small at the end of a few turns. You can play this card, and because your deck is dwindling in size pretty quickly, there is a good chance you will draw said ally again soon.

When this card is looked at in these lights, it suddenly does not seem so bad. Yes, the cases I described are niche, but it is good in those contexts. I do not believe a card is truly awful if it can be used to good effect in at least a few cases. This is one such card. Although it is not for every deck, in a few cases this card is amazing. I challenge everyone to try this card in one of the decks I mentioned.

I have this card and do not think its that good, however, I do believe you missed out on its best combo with ally Elrond or Galadriel to boost their willpower and add them back to your deck rather than discarding them — LEGOlas 121
I do not see it as a bad card either. +2 willpower for cost 0 and a reshuffle maybe not the best price you want to pay but if you play Galadriel or Elrond this card immediately becomes an auto-include in your deck. Good thing is you get your +2 willpower AND you reshuffle an ally to your deck with a chance to draw it back again instead of discarding it anyway. Another fun thing is: we run Lothíriel with Elf-friend making her Silvan and Noldor which allows you to play elven allies for free during a quest until the end of the phase so the same goes here, +2 willpower for free. — cabinho96 18
Yes, but both of your scenarios involve a combo. Using a card for 2 willpower is not very worthwhile if it requires a different card first. — LEGOlas 121