Elven Mail

Attachment. Cost: 2.

Item. Armor.


Attach to a Noldor or Silvan character.

Attached character gets +2 hit points and gains sentinel.

...they were tall and and clad in grey mail, and from their shoulders hung long white cloaks. The Fellowship of the Ring
Sara Betsy

The Three Trials #29. Tactics.

Elven Mail

I don't like this card. There aren't any great elven defenders, and the ones that are half-decent need a boost to defense not health or sentinel.

There are only 3 half decent elven defenders. Elrond with 3 defense, Rossiel with the potential to have 4, and Elrohir who can get 4 easily if you include his brother. Four defense doesn't seem bad sometimes, but so many quests now-a-days have enemies with 6+ attack. Since the elves don't have access to any good defense boosting cards, I was really hoping this card would offer some sort of help in that regards. Sure there is Cloak of Lorien but you can't count on the 2 defense. There is also Protector of Lorien, but that isn't very sustainable unless you are playing deck dedicated to discarding. You also have Gondorian Shield and Dunedian Warning, but you'd need to attach two cards just to get you to 6 defense and then Elven Mail would be a third card you need.

I would say that Elven Mail is actually a great card for Elrohir. I gives him sentinel so he can tank the entire table with his Steward of Gondor/Gondorian Shield combo. I should also point out that while it's true, there aren't many good elven defenders, elves have access to quite a lot of healing; which benefits from larger health pools. Guardian of Rivendell is also a good target for this card. — Wandalf the Gizzard 2413
I use it in multi-play with Rossiel, once she gets a 4 Defense with her victory display gag, adding this to her makes her a beastly defender for your fellow gamers. Add Cloak of Lórien and she has 5 Defense (6 if you're in a forest, which is rare, but nice when it happens), 5 hit points and sentinel, all for only 2 cards and 3 resources. Give her Ent draught and she becomes a downright ludicrous defender. — Mad Morderan 135