Curious Brandybuck

Ally. Cost: 2. 2   0   0   2  


Forced: After the active location is explored, place Curious Brandybuck on the bottom of its owner's deck.

Response: After you travel to a location, put Curious Brandybuck into play from your hand, under any player's control.

Matthew Starbuck

The Wastes of Eriador #6. Spirit.

Curious Brandybuck

I'd like to like this card, but I'm hard-pressed to find good use for him. A cost of 2 for 2 is usually a good deal, but only if it's going to stick around more than a turn or two. I swear, Brandybucks can be more unreliable than those damn fool Tooks.

You can only put him out for free after exploring the previous active location (unless there wasn't one), so chances are your overall Willpower isn't hurting. So then you travel to a new location and play this card for free. That's an extra 2 for questing NEXT turn, which might allow some other character to fight instead of questing. But if you use that extra Willpower to explore the active location next turn, you'll also lose your extra Willpower to the bottom of your deck. If you're planning to stay at a given location for a while, this may be helpful, but that's usually not a good idea unless you have some form of location control up your sleeve or you're taking advantage of Path of Need.

Conceivably, you could use him to get extra threat reduction from Elevenses, pulling just enough Hobbits from questing to avoid exploring the active location, but again, this assumes staking out a location for multiple turns.

I have found two good uses for him. One, as an emergency chump blocker; and two, in a Tom Cotton deck as an attacker. — Wandalf the Gizzard 2452
I think you need to re read this card effect. You can put him into play for free when you travel to a location....pretty easy requirement. He is 2 free willpower for the cost of traveling to a location, and is bonus points if it's a big location that takes more than 1 turn to explore. — MDuckworth83 3629
Right, so realizing a huge enemy is about to engage you later, you travel to a location so you can put him into play to take the hit. — Wandalf the Gizzard 2452
I found another good use for him! Works quite well in an Erestor deck; early you're looking for cards you can put in on the cheap, late when you're deck is thin they can keep popping up over and over again with all the card draw Erestor provides — Quetzal513 95
Worth pointing out that if you're running Merry with his horn, he is in fact free (Because his card draw is completely self replacing) — Lailah 1