Wellinghall Preserver

Ally. Cost: 3. 3   2   2   3  


Cannot have restricted attachments.

Enters play exhausted.

Response: After Wellinghall Preserver readies, heal 1 damage from an Ent character.

Tomasz Jedruszek

Across the Ettenmoors #61. Lore.

Wellinghall Preserver

This ally with a 5-health Treebeard can make an all-Lore deck decent. Normally, Ents are annoying with their "come into play exhausted" but this one gives you access to its ability already. Trigger Treebeard's ability then you have an automatic target. Wellinghall Preserver's 3 quest stat is already decent and you should be using this ally to do just that. However, if the scenario becomes combat-heavy, they can still take some punches with its 2-defense and 3-health.