Tides of Fate

Event. Cost: 0.

Response: When a shadow card increases an enemy's by any amount, increase the defending character's by 3 for that attack. Then, the players as a group may spend 2 resources to ready the defending character and give it +3 for its next attack this phase.

...the tides of fate hd turned against them and their doom was at hand.
The Return of the King
Sam Lamont

Flight of the Stormcaller #7. Spirit.

Tides of Fate

This is an auto-include if you’re running spirit in Heirs of Numenor and Against the Shadow. The majority of the quests have shadow cards that do this to the player, so having a free means to effectively cancel the extra damage is amazing.

I like this card a lot. As far as I can tell, most shadow effects raise the attacking enemy's and most that do so only raise it by 1-3, so for 1 less resource than Hasty Stroke you get a card that still neutralizes most shadow effects in the game. Plus it has an added upside if you or another player is running , which is admittedly really satisfying to pull off. Of course you would still probably run Hasty Stroke in quests with effect- or damage-based shadow effects like the Angmar Awakened cycle, but in quests with mainly -raising shadow effects, this one is pretty neat.