Robin Smallburrow

Ally. Cost: 2. 2   0   1   2  

Hobbit. Shirriff.

Response: After you travel to a location, spend 1 resource to raise the engagement cost of each enemy in play by X until the end of the round, where X is that location's quest points. Any player may trigger this response.

"Gave me a chance of walking round the country and seeing folk, and hearing the news, and knowing where the good beer was."
The Return of the King
Aleksander Karcz

The Drowned Ruins #89. Lore.

Robin Smallburrow

A very good cost-to-Willpower ratio for Lore (and with 2 Hit Points which are always nice nowadays) and an ability which can be quite more useful in practice than one might expect since most locations lately have at least 4 quest points and that engagement cost increase can quite often lead to some much needed respite. Another good multi-sphere cross-Fellowship card like Déorwine.

You forgot to mention the great synergy with Harold Humblehole. — MinkeWhale 69