Prince of Dol Amroth

Attachment. Cost: 3.


Attach to Prince Imrahil.

Price Imrahil gains the Outlands trait.

While you control Outlands allies that belong to 4 different spheres, add 1 additional resource to Prince Imrahil's resource pool when you collect resources during the resource phase (if Prince Imrahil is a hero).

Drazenka Kimpel

The City of Corsairs #146. Neutral.

Prince of Dol Amroth

With outlands being for speed this card works against itself needing at least 4 (probably closer to 6 allies) down before any resource acceleration. Also, no versions of Prince Imrahil are designed for outlands, as they are focused around temporary allies. In addition, giving him the outlands trait is helpful, but why not just use Hunter of Lamedon instead? The need for the spoiled prince also removes a better Outlands support hero slot such as Erestor, Denethor, Théodred, or Gandalf. This card should really only be used for fun rather than power. It is mostly just thematic to fix Prince Imrahil not having the Outlands trait.

LEGOlas 130