Farmer Maggot

Ally. Cost: 3. 1   2   0   2  


Response: After Farmer Maggot enters play, deal 1 damage to an enemy engaged with you. (Deal 2 damage instead if that enemy's engagement cost is higher than your threat.)

"It is lucky for you that I know you. I was going out to set my dogs on any strangers." The Fellowship of the Ring
Adam Lane

The Black Riders #8. Tactics.

Farmer Maggot

Farmer Maggot is ok, I guess, for Hobbit decks. They are the only decks with threat low enough to make his ability ok, and he is a little overpriced. 3 isn't very cheap. I still include him, for hopes of Steward of Gondor and some songs being able to buy him. His MotK hero I do not think anyone should use, except for joke decks.

He is the original Pennywise, being called "Penny-wise" by Tom Bombadil in "The Adventures of Tom Bombadil"

Truck 1312
Farmer Maggot has excellent synergy with Tom Cotton. You will most likely want to play Farmer Maggot when you have an engaged opponent. This means that Tom Cotton allows him to be played without a resource match. As a further bonus for Tom, the attack of Farmer Maggot will be increased as well. — Nystrum 35