Event. Cost: 0.


Play only if you control at least 1 Ent character.

Action: Search the top 5 cards of your deck for any number of Ent cards and add them to your hand. Shuffle the other cards back into your deck.

"...it is a gathering of Ents - which does not often happen nowadays." Treebeard, The Two Towers
Anthony Devine

The Treason of Saruman #11. Lore.


This remake of The Eagles Are Coming! for Ents is an obvious auto-include in every Ent deck. Even though Ents usually don't need as much card draw as Eagles due to the sphere they're in, this is still a really useful card to have in an Ent-based deck, and if you think about it...why not include this card? Almost every time, this card will replace itself with one or two (or three, four, and five) cards depending on your luck. And how lucky can you get with this card? Well, obviously, you can't build a deck in which you can get a guaranteed Ent every time you play this. However, if you have the whole Ent card pool in your deck (36 cards with the Ent trait minus the copy of Entmoot you're playing currently), then it should be very rarely that you whiff with this card. The average is about 1 or 2 Ent cards per play, and even if you don't have access to the whole Ent card pool, it's still likely to hit at least one. In the tragic case that is when you do whiff, there were no resources wasted. As for the play restriction, I've never found this a problem, mainly because I always mulligan for at least one Ent card to play on turn 1, if able. (Or, if you're playing an Ent hero, then you're good as well.) Overall, this card provides a necessary engine in an Ent deck to dish out allies and it is one of my favorite cards to see coming off my deck in the refresh phase.

Another advantage is that since you are pulling Ent cards out of your deck, it makes those other non-Ent cards you might need more likely to draw later. — Mad Morderan 135