Hero. Threat: 11. 2   2   2   5  

Gondor. Noble. Ranger.


Response: After you engage an enemy, ready an ally you control. (Limit once per phase.)

"That will be the Captain: he can master both beasts and men" Beregond, The Return of the King
Jason Cheeseman Meyer

The Land of Shadow #2. Leadership.


I find that Faramir is a good hero, but great in the right deck. If he's in a deck full of powerful allies like a Harad deck, Ent deck, or Eagle deck then he's a beast. He lets you quest with that ally and free him up for the combat phase. All around great hero.

He's become one of my favorite leadership heroes.

Goes well with Lore allies that have good on exhaust abilities like Gleowine, Warden of Healing, and Master of the Forge.

Goes really well with Tactics Aragorn.

Goes well with versatile allies, that have 2+ willpower and good combat stats.

Goes well with Ents and Core Gandalf.

Also has good traits.