Ally. Cost: 3. 0   4   2   3  


Cannot have restricted attachments. Enters play exhausted.

While Skinbark is attacking alone against an Orc enemy, that enemy does not count its .

"He was wounded by the Orcs, and many of his folk and his tree-herds have been murdered and destroyed." Treebeard, The Two Towers
Dimitri Bielak

The Land of Shadow #6. Tactics.


Skinbark is amazing. Going down the line:

His cost is 3, I'd expect that to be 4 for his stats

Willpower 0, he's tactics, so normal

Attack 4, great for his cost

Defense 2, decent

Hit points 3, also decent

Can't have restricteds and enters play exhausted, he's an ent, so normal

While he attacks alone against an orc the enemy doesn't count it's defense? EPIC. Free four damage on an orc? Suits me. It kills most of them.

Even better: MotK. Throw DĂșnedain Mark on him and all orcs will want to stay in their caves. But ents can break stone...

Truck 1409
Messenger of the King on an ally which starts exhausted is a bold move for sure, especially for 9 Threat. — Alonewolf87 1921
Yeah, but you would never use Skinbark as your defender so you could probably deal with an enemy for one round. — Truck 1409